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National Training Manager

Elaine Biskupic is the National Training Manager at Resident. Elaine makes it easy and fun to learn about our products while increasing your sales.


Elaine is known for creating hands-on training programs that are proven to change behavior. She has served as trusted advisor and consultant to C-suite Executives, professional athletes, and employees in a range of global industries to measurably improve performance. Elaine has created and delivered training programs for Fortune 100 companies, corporations, small business, school districts and charitable organizations in all 50 United States and parts of Europe.

Elaine grew up in an atmosphere that values education and life-long learning.  She developed a strong foundation in Experiential Learning, Business, and Communications with a Degree from Illinois State University. She has a problem-solving mind that constantly sees the steps to move people from Point A to Point B. Elaine believes that Experiential Learning is one of the most powerful tools for growth in all areas of life. She loves to provide the right skill at the right time for the right person.

Trainings with Elaine are easy to schedule. Click this link to schedule individual store trainings.

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